\\ School Council

The school council (Parents Teachers Association) is an official and equal body which enables the representatives of parents, once every trimester, to discuss the following subjects:

“The school council adopts the rules and regulations of the school upon suggestion of the headmaster.

This council is automatically consulted with regarding all the questions about the school’s proper functioning and student life, such as:

-  Pedagogical structures;
-  Organization of scholar time and calendar;
-  The school’s project for kindergarten and primary school upon suggestion of the teachers council;
-  Particular actions enabling to ensure the best usage of the school resources;
-  Conditions for the adaptations necessary to the schooling of students with special needs, taking into account local restraints;
-  Projects and organization of fieldtrips;
-  Every question concerning hygiene, health and safety of the students when in school;
-  Choice of materials and pedagogical tools;
-  Every question concerning the welcoming and information of parents and the general modalities of their participation to the school’s life.”
(AEFE Circular n°1990 du 25 august 2015).

Meetings will be held in French, as every other school official instances.

Conseil d’école du 15 novembre 2016

Conseil d’école du 7 mars 2017

Conseil d’école du 13 juin 2017

Conseil d’école du 7 novembre 2017

Elus au Conseil d’École (2017-2018)